Is treatment right for you?

Contact Hyperbaric Oxygen & Functional Medicine to schedule a complimentary consultation with our medical director. Your specific needs will be evaluated and number of treatments recommended to establish a personalized HBOT plan. Ongoing medical treatments and therapies are carefully considered during evaluation and your HBOT progress reports are communicated to your primary physician and therapists. Treatments may or may not be covered by insurance. Payment options will also be discussed during the consultation.

Commonly Treated Conditions
FDA approved – on label use
Internationally Treated Conditions
Off label use – cash pay
Non-healing wounds
Third degree burns
Air embolism
CO poisoning
Crush injury
Compartment syndrome
Failed skin grafts
Radiation necrosis
Brain abscess
Necrotizing fasciitis
Decompression sickness
Retinal artery occlusion
Traumatic brain injury
Lyme disease
Cerebral Palsy
Rheumatoid arthritis
And More…

How does treatment feel?

Patients lie comfortably within the chamber, watch a TV program, DVD, or use the treatment time to just relax. During the compression and decompression phases of the treatment, pressure in the ears must be equalized by swallowing or yawning (similar to being in an airplane). A typical 60 minute treatment is supervised by one of our trained hyperbaric technicians.

In order to determine if treatment is right for you consult your doctor or give us a call at 610.355.1747 or visit us.