About HFM- Hyperbaric Oxygen & Functional Medicine


About Us

The Autism Treatment Center of Newtown Square has moved locations, we are now located at 4675A Westchester Pike in the Newtown Business Center. We have teamed up with HBOT USA and broadened our services... We are now Hyperbaric and Functional Medicine (HFM) of Newtown Square.



HFM is a multidisciplinary center providing an integrated network of biomedical and therapeutic treatments by licensed and professional staff.

We offer services for helping with:
-Autoimmune Diseases
-Inflammatory Conditions
-Developmental Disorders
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Cerebral Palsy
and many more......

Using a team approach, our physician and therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan for each child or adult patient, targeting a return toward optimal function.

Hyperbaric and Functional Medicine of Newtown Square is centrally located within the Philadelphia and Tri-State area and offers convenient parking, along with a friendly and experienced staff of medical and therapy providers.

We welcome you to our website. It is our hope to provide you with information to understand if you or a loved one can benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

We welcome your questions and feedback.